Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Moon Life

Tread of her feet
That fills every inch of our house

Threat of her thought
That kneads the area of our mind

Rustling of her bedsheet
That challenges our hearing sense

No quarrel for change of channel
That silences our ever raging hall

No tapping of her fast fingers
That makes the laptop dull

Hannah Montanna Bratz Barbie
That speak of her teen taste

Shopping that misses her long-faced demands
That bring a sigh over our less charged bills

Kitchen that lacks non-vegetarian aroma
That wants her back to enliven the drama

Dusting her unused dressing table
That kindles painful sweet memories

Handling her things without her voice of caution
That dig out tears from our eyes

No quarrel no secret-sharing no chatting
That deepens the longing of our soul

Waiting to hear her voice just for a minute or two
That keeps us thriving and keeps life going!!

Missing you our sweet little girl
More than we thought!

Come back soon!
Our dear moon!

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